Can Grounding Sheets Help With The Negative Effects of 5G?

5G Technology and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation have become major talking points recently. 5G is the wireless mobile network rolled out across the world in 2019 and has necessitated many infrastructural changes to accommodate this network.

These changes include but are not limited to the following: upgraded cellular towers, lamp and light poles, some cellular emitting devices are placed on sides of houses for dense urban areas with higher needs. Canada, like other countries has recently released its policy statement regarding the 5G technology and its varied aspects.

What are EMFs?

In short: An Electromagnetic field or EMF is an accelerated field of force of charged particles, equivalent to an electric field.

What is 5G?

5G or 5th Generation technology is the latest in wireless systems, which yields higher internet speeds. With respect to EMFs, the presence of 5G in your neighborhood is similar to leaving the microwave door open in your kitchen. I have been in heated discussions with friends in the industry who have assured me that this is not the case, however, if the “volume” for a lack of a better term is increased, then this may be harmful.

Organizations such as the World Health Organization and every single fact checker known will state that there is no evidence that exposure to low level EMF fields is harmful, other independent studies conclude otherwise.

Insight into Research on Health and Mobile Phones

5G technology emits higher frequency radio waves and mmWave. Moreover, the Millimeters Waves is a kind of electromagnetic radiation used for short wavelengths. More than 24GHz bandwidth is used in 5G. It means the human body can go through thermal heating, and other biological outcomes like altered gene expression, oxidative stress, and effects on immune and skin functionality.

Additional reports have documented the adverse effects of RF-EMFs (Radio Frequency- Electromagnetic Fields) on humans. It includes damaging tissues in specific body areas like the cardiovascular, reproductive system, metabolic, and nervous systems. Even major damage is caused to the DNA too.

To reduce your exposure to EMFs, you can turn off your mobile devices and reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Go hands-free when using mobile devices, keep mobiles away from you when not in use, and stay educated on the ongoing studies and effects of 5G technology. Do not use wireless earbuds.

Can Grounding Sheets Help Counter These Negative Effects?

Short answer: Yes.

People can walk barefoot outside in their gardens to maintain contact with the earth and ground successfully. As long as you are barefoot, you are grounding. However, not all of us can spend a lot of time barefoot on the grass, which leads to alternative options, such as grounding sheets. You can also purchase fully tested grounding sheets to ground while you sleep. Buyer beware, not all grounding products are made the same. Many are placebo. More on this below. Nevertheless, grounding sheets will help from the comfort of your own bed every night.

Grounding sheets provide unlimited electrons to your body to aid your natural antioxidant system. Research shows that grounding sheets help in reducing oxidative stress caused by RF-EMFs, improves immune response, prevention and treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, and wound healing. It will help in averting degenerative diseases.

Oxidative stress occurs when harmful effects of free radicals cannot be prevented. 5G is stated to increase this problem because of mmWave and unused high-frequency waveforms.

An increased number of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) in the body due to environmental toxins and radiation, can lead to autoimmune & chronic conditions like:

Diabetes Rheumatoid arthritis Cardiovascular disease Cancer Neuro-degenerative diseases like ALS, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Grounding sheets help in releasing free electrons from the surface of your body. The longer you can be grounded the better, hence why grounding sheets work best, since it is the only time of day that you are still for 6-8 hours. That is 6-8 hours of releasing antioxidants from your body and neutralizing free radicals. Your body’s natural defences can be restored during this time and with daily usage.

For more information about the benefits of grounding sheets and how they compare to other indoor grounding products click here.