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Earthing Ground Rod with 40' Cord

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Ground Rod with 40' Cord

Ground Rods are recommended use with all grounding products. They are mandatory for use in older homes (generally those built before 1960). If the electrical wiring in your home, apartment, or office does not have a functional grounding system you will not be able to plug your grounding product into a wall outlet. Many older houses and buildings (built before the 1960s) do not have a grounding system. The Ground Rod is a practical solution for such older structures without updated grounding systems.

The rod is placed directly in the Earth near the foundation of the home/office. The rod comes is fitted with a 40-foot cord that will reach to most first and second story locations. Simply run the cord from the rod under or around a window or door near where you will use your grounding product. An electrician can install a permanent outlet, if desired, that generally includes drilling a small hole through the wall, mounting a wall plate, and running a ground wire to the outlet.

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