How do you wash the grounding sheets?
Liquid detergent, cold water, gentle. Hang dry. 

Do I need to sleep directly on the grounding sheets?
Yes. We recommend you do for the first few weeks to make sure you don't have any electro sensitivities.Some people feel too much tingling. Best for them to gradually learn to use them throughout the night. From my experience this is about 1-2% of people. Most are fine. 

Can I use a sheet over the grounding sheet?
Yes, you can use a thin 100% cotton sheet. 

How long do the grounding sheets last?
With the proper care 1-3 years.  We have a client who has been using the same sheet for over 4 years and counting.  You can view her video testimonial here.

How deep are the grounding sheet pockets?
Grounding sheet pockets are:

25 cms (9.84 inches) for Twin and Full/Double grounding sheets. 
30-31 cms (11.8-12.2 inches) for Queen, King and California King grounding sheets.
If you require deeper pockets please contact us first for a custom made sheet at no extra cost.   Please contact us first.