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Can Grounding Sheets Help With The Negative Effects of 5G?

Can Grounding Sheets Help Counter These Negative Effects? Short answer: Yes. Grounding sheets provide unlimited electrons to your body to aid your natural antioxidant system. Research shows that grounding sheets help in reducing oxidative stress caused by RF-EMFs, improves immune response, prevention and treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, and wound healing. It will help in averting degenerative diseases.

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COVID19 Injections, Autoimmunity and Grounding

A lot has happened over the past 2 years, and some of you have received the COVID19 vaccination and some have not.  Either way, there is a correlation between the jab and autoimmune responses as there is a correlation between autoimmune conditions and grounding.  If you received the jab, or have an existing autoimmune condition, this is written for you.

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