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Continuity Tester Kit

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This Continuity Tester is a handy and useful device that lets you know if your grounding products are "really" working correctly. You can use the tester each time you wash your sheets or to test grounding sandals or earthing moccasins. To use the continuity tester you simply connect the tester to the ground port of a properly grounded wall outlet and place the tester directly on your grounding product. Press firmly and a green light will confirm that your product and wire are in good working order. If no green light comes on, press harder and re-check your connections. If that doesn’t work, it is time to replace your grounding Product. This tester kit comes with the tester and a ground cord.

Please note, this does not test that the wall socket is grounded. It is testing that the products and cords are all conductive and in good working order, therefore, if the socket is Earthed correctly everything should be fully functional. Use the outlet checker to test the ground in your outlets.

Depending on the country you reside in, the battery may not be included as batteries may be prohibited by the carriers. We will always include the battery where carriers permit them, otherwise you will need to purchase one locally. 

Tester is ready for North American markets.