Earthing Continuity Tester Kit

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Earthing Continuity Tester Kit

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Earthing Connection Product Tester Tester checks your Earthing products and ground cords to ensure they are in good working condition.

Continuity The optional Earthing Connection Product Tester checks the conductivity of your Earthing product and ground cords to determine that they are conductive and in good working condition. You simply connect the tester to the ground port of a properly grounded wall outlet and place it directly on your Earthing product. A green light will confirm that your product and wire are in good working order.

The tester does not show if your product is grounded. Please note, this does not test that the wall socket is grounded. It is testing that the products and cords are all conductive and in good working order, therefore, if the socket is Earthed correctly everything should be fully functional.Use the outlet checker to test the ground in your outlets.