Stop Occupational Burn Out For Massage Therapists And More

Two studies published in 2018 at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California, show that grounding can assist massage therapists combat the typical pain problems and energy drain that frequently cause early vocational burnout. The study, which involved 16 therapists employed at the centre over a six-week period, found a significant difference in the therapists' feelings and performance when they were grounded for four weeks as opposed to not being grounded (first and last week of the study). They reported much decreased discomfort, as well as improved energy, bodily function, and mood, after being grounded. Therapists used grounded sheets when sleeping at home and grounded foot mats at work (placed on the floor and below the massage table sheet)..

What is Earthing/Grounding?

Earthing is a practice in which one goes barefoot outside to connect with the earth, grounding one's body. The first known human to be grounded was Dr. Weston Price In the article, Dr. Price writes: "I am convinced that when people live and work on the ground they are able to use less energy, feel more relaxed, have a better sense of well-being and preserve their capacity for action."

Grounding for Massage Therapists: The Setup

First and foremost, before you can do anything, you need to ground yourself. This means that your body should be touching the earth. It's best to start with bare feet and move from there if you don't like barefoot. Try placing one hand on the ground and one hand on a grounded surface (like a mat or grounding band) while standing. If you have difficulty finding the ground, try sitting down on the floor or putting your foot flat on a chair or other grounded surface. As part of their grounding setup, therapists in the study used grounded mats at work and at home when they were sleeping. For this, they had an 8-foot-by-3-foot mat that was tiled in conductive rubber (a material with similar properties to copper or silver). The mats were placed under their massage tables and could be easily removed for cleaning purposes. Another way to ground yourself is by wearing grounding bands or gloves during work hours (in addition to taking breaks on the surface where you plan to sleep). These could be made of metal, but it's better if they are made of conductive rubber to avoid any metallic taste from them contaminating your food or drink. Grounding can help massage therapists feel better physically as well as emotionally and mentally. Some people find it helpful during meditation sessions too!

The Chopra Center Study: How Grounding Helped Massage Therapists

The study at the Chopra Center required that the therapists wear grounding body bands or mats from the first day of the study to the last week. The results were significant and showed how grounding helped with pain and mood, improved physical function, and had a blood thinning effect. If you are a massage therapist and have struggled with burnout, try grounding in your bed at night before bed or even just during nap time. It’s a simple way to support yourself against occupational over-exertion.

Grounding and Occupational Burnout: The Science

Grounding is a procedure that has been shown to help relieve the effects of stress and lower blood pressure in people. It also helps reduce pain and fatigue, which can be helpful for tune-ups, long-term health, or when you want to avoid burnout. As massage therapists, we often experience pain and fatigue and grounding is an inexpensive way to promote wellness in us as well as our clients.

Grounding and Pain

Grounding has been shown to help with pain. The study found that grounded therapists reported less pain and better energy, physical function, and mood. Additional benefits associated with grounding include improved mental clarity and reduced inflammation in the body.

Grounding and Inflammation

Grounding is well known for its proven benefits for the body. In this study, grounding was found to be a powerful way of decreasing inflammation. Inflammation creates tissue damage and is reported as one of the top three causes of pain in massage therapists. The researchers also found that grounding decreased pain and increased overall quality of life in the study group. The ground has an electromagnetic field that produces an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and grounding helps to reduce chronic inflammation by increasing antioxidants and melatonin in the body.

The Study Results – How Earthing Helped

Therapists - When grounded, they reported significantly less pain and much better energy, physical function, and mood. - Grounding resulted in an overall increase in quality of life. - Grounding reduced inflammation in the body to a level that was comparable to not grounding. - Grounding reduced blood thinning effects by 50 percent on average. You can see the study here: The Effects of Grounding (Earthing) on Bodyworkers’ Pain and Overall Quality of Life: A Randomized Controlled Trial


Earthing is a form of grounding in which one connects to the Earth by walking barefoot outside, or connecting to a Get Grounded Shop Foot Mat or Grounding Sheet for your bed. Massage Therapist and any others affected by burn our are welcome free to send us a message for a 10% discount code on our all grounding products. Grounding improves mood, has a positive effect on heart rate, blood pressure and generates anti-inflammatory effects. This technique can be used in conjunction with massage therapy or as a standalone practice, and is highly recommended for those who have a tendency to burnout easily. Grounding is an easy and effective way to decrease chronic pain and inflammation and increase your overall health. It's easy to do, doesn't take much time, and can make a big difference in your life.